#yelowsummer #summerfasion #summer #style #new #jeans

#yelowsummer #summerfasion #summer #style #new #jeans

#summer #clothes #jeans #summerfasion #new

#summer #clothes #jeans #summerfasion #new

Julie said that someone is watching Klaus past and knows about his connection to Caroline. What your opinion about that ?




Not interested.

You see Julie Plec has been saying and promising many things for so long but in the past we all saw where those promises led. However it is obvious that the show is endangered now since we no longer have a closure when it comes to Klaroline but unfinished business and promises for references and Caroline lingering in Klaus’s mind and eternal plans and everything that is supposed to give hope to the fandom but unless I see it happening I am not paying any attention. Everyone at this point can tell that they are desperate lol (which as I have said in the past it was only a matter of time before they started promising things again and would try to tone it down and try to lure in the KC fandom again…however that doesn’t mean that they will actually deliver). It is quite ironic that those promises are only coming when the show needs a good start, a ratings’ boost and when they want to bring people back. However as of now those promises -for me at least- are empty. I do not care about what they say or promise to do because I simply do not trust them and I do not care for any more of their PR tricks.

If they show anything that concerns Klaroline (and IF that something does not cheapen the story and the characters further) then I might consider watching it in youtube. However I am cautious and I prefer to stay in my comfy and trustworthy fanon universe thank you very much.

I agree we shouldn’t give in and watch until we know for sure Klaroline is gonna happen. Its possible she’s tricking us to boost ratings. We still need to stay strong and ship klaroline. Maybe our petition made a difference??

I’m with Maevelin too. I said the same thing about them getting desperate soon and would have to swallow those words. I think we need to stop making it so easy for them. Stop blindly believing what they say. Show me proof and not just proof that you are using me to get picked up for a season. Show me you indeed
intend for promise fulfillment.

totaly agree! with every Word! I will believe, when I see results of their blabla!!

so this Mark Pedowitz says that maybe crossovers will be possible for TVD/TO if its organic... what does that mean, and who is he? like does it count what he thinks?


Hahahaha! Okay, I know a lot of KC shippers got hopeful over this, so let’s talk about Mark Pedowitz, and what it means. Or, to be more accurate; what it doesn’t mean. 

You know those weeks, where everything goes wrong, and you prefer to disappear into a hole in the ground to never return? THAT is the kind of week that Mark Pedowitz had. Which is actually more sad than funny. For him. Not for us. For us, it is in fact funny. 

Story time!

Mark Pedowitz is the current President of The CW Television Network. If you think your week was horrible, think again! His week was I-want-to-cry-in-a-corner-and-never-face-reality-again horrible. He’s probably currently wishing that he’d listened to his mother and became a dentist. 

The biggest PR disaster in the history of TV network PR disasters took place this week. What started out as an innocent CW publicity stunt, ended up being a downright train wreck. The posts requesting asks for panels of TVD, TO and most of all Supernatural at Comic Con (the 3 biggest shows still currently running on the CW), have been deleted due to the crazy (but justified) amount of negativity on the twitter tags for aforementioned shows. These shows were called out on inconsistency, plot holes, (all three shows) and queer-baiting and misogyny (Supernatural mostly) in the worst way possible. Fans of no less than three important CW shows, have had enough, and are no longer willing to put up with bullshit. And they showed it on these tags. 

Now do you think, that after this giant drama that made his entire network look bad, Mark Pedowitz is in any position to say ‘no, crossovers for these two shows are an absolute no' when this is the one thing that still keeps a giant chunk of the TVD/TO fandom holding on? Because I honestly don't think so. This is a guy who's aware that he is playing a game that he can no longer win. All that's left for him to do, is to control the damage. 

Seeing as I’m also in the SPN fandom, I can see what the guy is playing at here. He’s trying to not let two out of three fandoms (TVD and TO) entirely down. 

So now more than ever, when a person like Mark Pedowitz (who as a network president has most likely seen the KC petition with nearly 25.000 supporters) says that ‘maybe there will be crossovers’ you should take that with a huge grain of salt. This guy is trying to save the network and his own ass; no sincerity can be expected here. 

Please Klaroline shippers: do NOT get your hopes up. THIS HAS BEEN A PSA. 

My hopes about crossovers are burried a long time! For me there will be hope only when I will see results! Not just stupid words! #KCFamily has to continiu with the presure!

au: klaus and caroline in the morning. (◕‿◕✿)
dedicated to goldcaught.


I am a damsel but I am not in distress (ispired by this)

KC Moments - [part 1 of 4]

"I want to be your
chronic hungover
second mass


Can’t get enough
You’re everything I need
And when I walk away
You take off running and come right after me
It’s what you do
And I don’t deserve you

god they are sooo perfect together!!!!

god they are sooo perfect together!!!!

I am a stargate fan, Casket fan, Delena fan, Sam/Jack fan(Stargate), and many ohers, but I never was part of such a big, loyal, loving fandom like KCFamily. Im proud that Im a Klaroline shipper and I have probably milion sisters and brothers round the world. But above all I AM PROUD TO BE A LOYAL AND LOVING MEMBER OF KCFAMILY! I will never give up on Klaroline no matter what they say! How many other ships they do! Klaroline is a ship worth for dying ´coz they are EPIC!!! KLAROLINE Always&Forever

i am more upset what effect these spoilers will have. its clear that pedowitz said it bc he knows these shows need better ratings. i can already see how people will be fooled by that and again they will keep watching and watching and ratings will get higher, so no chance for cancellation.


Actually dear non, I think the KC fandom is playing hardball this time. No one is watching until shit starts changing. Before it only applied to TO but now I’m seeing a lot of that for both shows. I agree, yes Mark Pedowitz does know that the show’s need better ratings and he clearly knows just how to get em. For TO it’s obvious, their 3 highest rated episodes were all associated with Klaroline and I assure you, that’s no coincidence. I can guarantee that 2x01 of TO will have good ratings. People are going to tune in to see if they made the time jump, to make sure Klaus isn’t screwing anyone, simply to see the aftermath, people can’t help it and they will tune in. Just like they tuned in to the finale hoping maybe Hayley would die. Premiers and Finale’s alllll the same and are almost always boosted in ratings. However, once people realize that it’s just the same old crap in 2x01 the ratings will start going down. Julie Plec can change that if she doesn’t make a mess a comic-con. I said the same thing during mid-season right before PaleyFest and she failed—big time. So we’ll see. 

which 3 epizodes was associated with Klaroline? plz answer. I didnt watch TO so. Thx


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I was searching for this gif comparison for ages, and I couldn`t find it. Well, not the one I liked anyway. So, in order not to steal anyone`s gifs, I made my own. This is my first try, hope you all like it. :) 

Love it!